I realize I’ve been truly blessed

My journey is yet complete

But with God on my side

And the love of family

I will overcome, one trial at a time


Life lesson learned through personal experience: It is possible to create the atmosphere you desire through the words you speak; positive words breathes positive environment.

I Cry

I cried life’s bitter tears

Drank from life’s bitter sea

Deception had taken a hold of me…

A Salvation Story

As I listened

With my heart bent low

Feeling as the Lord must have

Taking up men’s sorrow,

I grabbed him by the shoulders

And with him I wept

Knowing it wasn’t so long ago

I was enslaved to that depth

My Word

So Lord, let the words of my mouth

And the meditation of my heart

Be acceptable in the sight

For words can cut

And pierce a heart like a knife.

Before I open my mouth,

Enable me to phrase my words right.

That when I speak my words