Shanie Salmon-Godfrey, NCMA, MAA


 Shanie S. Salmon is a proven visionary and strategic leader, Pastor, Minister, Evangelist, Public Figure, Motivational Speaker, and College Professor.  Pastor Salmon-Godfrey served in diverse deliverance ministries, throughout the years. After years of attending diverse ministries, of all sizes and denomination, trying to find the right ministerial leadership, with the willingness to help cultivate her gifts, tap into her purpose, and embrace the calling of God on her life.

Through the lack of support, leadership, and mentorship, through many years of being used and taking advantage of by Church Leaders, God called her out of religion and into a relationship with Jesus Christ. She then left the church to build the Kingdom of God.

Through her total submission to Jesus Christ and the surrendering to the calling of God on her Life, She is the Founder and CEO of Break Free International Ministries, Legacy Consulting Firm, Shanie USA INC, The Gifted Enterprise, INC and Elevation TV Network. She is a global motivational speaker and empowerment leader and deliverance Pastor.

Break Free International Ministries

Break Free International Ministries, is a global ministry, founded on kingdom building principles to serve humanity. To empower, and transform leaders, through biblical teaching with real life application. Through identification of their calling and purpose, to help them tap into their God given Gifts and talents. Therefore, helping believers of Jesus Christ, develop and strengthens their relationship with Christ.

Our Believes

We a called into a relationship with Jesus Christ to be kingdom Builders. By the Demonstration of the Apostolic Anointing, to bring forth deliverance, through the power Holy Ghost.

Foundational Scripture

“Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:1,33 KJV

Legacy Consulting Firm

Legacy Consulting Firm, INC is best known for our fully Integrated Business and Financial Solutions. We offer quality, professional, confidential, personalized individual and business financial solutions, as well as help business owners grow and develop their businesses, and strengthen their financial Foundation. We Provide a wide range of expert solutions from Tax Managements, accounting, IRS Audits, Financial Planning, Disability, long term care, Legal Expense Insurance, Life Insurance, Leadership Development, Graphic Designs and more. we are a complete integrated financial solution company, like no other. We offer Authentic business solutions tailored to your individual needs. With our fully integrated business and personal financial experience we know exactly how to maximize your income, utilized and maximize tax return, while showing you how to increase profits and decreases you expense in the same process.

Shanie USA, INC

Shanie USA, Inc is a handcrafted jewelry designer. Built on quality. specialized in unique, hypoallergenic, handmade, beautiful, jaw dropping, little black dress certified, jewelry that won’t peel and cause skin discoloration. We strongly believe that quality, durability and comfort is priority. Our designs are unique and second to none.


”You are never too far behind to go forward”

-Shanie S. Salmon-Godfrey

The gifted is a platform for the men and women of God from all walks of life that are faithful kingdom builders.  The gifted was founded to publicly honor the hard work that they are doing. We are a global network focused on connecting the world through Jesus Christ.