-Shanie S. Salmon-Godfrey


Elevation TV Network was founded to help people develop their faith In the Lord Jesus Christ. We offer a lot of different faith tools and programs, Such as The Gifted Talk Show, Gifted Magazine, Clothing Line, Divine Intervention TV Series and more.

The Gifted program was developed, not only to help people see the diverse types of ministries in the body of Christ, such as writing, singing, teaching, entrepreneurship, but to publicly honor the men and women of God, who is doing magnificent work, in the kingdom of God as well as the market place.

We built a network to expose people to the diverse types of kingdom gifts and encourage people to use their God given gifts and talents to elevate their lives.


Elevation TV Network is the producer of The Gifted TV Show, hosted by Shanie S. Salmon.  There are countless Kingdom builders that are working behind the scene, for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. To show our appreciation, (The Gifted) program was created.


The gifted are the Proverbs 27:2, Men and Women of God that are working behind the scenes, doing amazing work in the community. They tell everyone else story but their own. The Gifted program, give them a platform to tell their story, and connect with like-minded people across the globe.