Balancing Marriage, Ministry and Entrepreneurship God’s Way.

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Shanie Salmon-Godfrey
Tell us about your ministry?I know that you have a unique ministry. You are a life coach consultant and you incorporate that into your ministry. Tell us about that.

Apostle Vanessa R Brooks
About 5 years ago I was a Manager at the department of social services. I have been there for 18 years, I was finally able to matriculate and got promoted into management. I got my education complete and after all of that the lord told me to quit, take early retirement. I want you to serve the body of Christ full time. I said to the lord, I can do that Lord, but I need to be able to eat and pay my bills.

If you can tell me how to pay my bills I will walk away from the Job. Then the Lord begin to impress into my spirit about coaching and consulting. Honestly prophetess, some people might think that I am crazy.  I have never heard of life coaching before, I never heard that term before, the lord literally dropped it into my spirit. In psalms 1. It says, walk not in the counsel of the ungodly. That lets me know that, there is such a thing as Godly counsel. Which is in essence, what coaching, and consulting is.

 That’s where it all started. I did some research on the coaching and consulting industry, and I found out that you really could make a living while using your expertise. With my human service background, being in social work, I have been helping people all of my life, I have been serving the public all of my life. As a Pastor, I have been serving people over a decade, so it was very natural for me to incorporate those things from my field, into ministry.

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